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How AM Anti-theft Narrow Label help retails to protect merchandise and to reduce shrink


Acousto-Magnetic(AM) :AM system has a lower rate of a false alarm,which makes it‘s very popular in retail stores.Compared to RF system, AM label features a very wide detection range and a certain activity when applied to metal products such like razors. Patricularly, AM Anti-theft Narrow Label from synmel is ideal for small but valued merchandise. With the delicate and narrow size, AM narrow label is easy to fit in a wide range of merchandises without changing the packages.


AM Anti-theft Narrow Label is applied on the merchandise package during the production,which ensures your merchandise protected at the source and arrives ready for your sales floor 
Stiked inside the merchandise cover as a part of the package to provide more effective protection

AM Anti-theft Narrow Label appearance customization available. Pefectly match your brand image while providing protection