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New Eas AM Security Gate Designed for Convenience Stores


Ningbo synmel recently announced its Eas AM Security Gate, which is designed primarily for convenience stores.


The Eas AM Security Gate features a smaller, flexible antenna that places a premium on floor space, while reducing shrink, improving on-shelf availability and enabling the open display of merchandise.

Eas AM Security Gate protects a wide range of merchandise, and serves as an introduction for retailers with smaller store entrances and exits as well as other areas within the store where theft occurrence can be high, such as restroom areas and employee break rooms.

Retailers using the Eas AM Security Gate can choose from a range of product tagging solutions from Synmel, including safer, as well as hard tags and am soft labels.




Consumers benefit from improved on-shelf product availability and open merchandising via the theft reduction effects of EAS, and the active deterrent Eas AM Security Gat provides in reducing theft attempts in the protected stores. In addition, because of its smaller size, shoppers’ movements aren’t restricted.