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synmel -Product Protection Solutions


Hard Tag and Detachers: Synmel provide high-level theft protection for everything from delicate intimates to durable sporting goods. While beneficial for use in any traditional hard tags application, Synmel Hard Tags are especially effective where standard or super locks are being defeated or removed, and are available in AM, RF technologies. Tags can be removed with traditional standard.

Safers: The synmel Safers provide high-level theft protection for everything from health and beauty aids to razors and small electronics. The reusable safers house products in a transparent case, allowing retailers to openly showcase products while reducing shrinkage from theft. PPS has also developed a micro-safer series that is ideal for small cosmetics that typically cannot be effectively protected. PPS Keepsafe™ Safers are made with the highest quality of polycarbonate which makes them highly resistant to scratching and discoloration unlike traditional safers, keepers and vaults currently on the market.

self-Alarm tag: The synmel Alarm tag is designed to provide additional layers of security for high-shrink, not easily protected products that require more than the traditional application of safers and tags. Each device integrates with existing RF or AM EAS systems and provides 1, 2, or 3-alarm protection. The Alarm tagoffers the added benefit of knowing when and where someone is attempting to defeat your security solutions and steal your products.

Specialty Tags and Devices: synmel offers a full range of tags and labels in AM, RF ,syneml also offers an RF Field Tester that can be used to evaluate non-alarming RF deactivator pads and antennas.synmel is focused on providing solutions that specifically address our partners pain points. Whether this requires modification of an existing solution, or development of a new one, synmel is committed to Protecting Products, Preventing Loss, and Securing your Bottom Line.