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Why supermarket detection systems give false positives


Anti-theft detection systems sometimes generate false alarms, causing misunderstandings between customers and businesses. This will affect the customer's goodwill towards the merchant, and will also cause other customers to have an unfriendly shopping experience. Why does the supermarket's detection systems have false positives? 

False positives are divided into:

1. The alarm of the equipment due to a failure.
2. Alarm when people or objects pass (no tags on people or objects).
3.Alarm when people pass (with label)


False-positive reason:

1. The am soft label is not decoded (products in this supermarket or other supermarkets are possible), and the hard tag is not removed.
2. The resurrection of soft labels (products purchased from this supermarket or other supermarkets may be resurrected).
3. Adding other electronic equipment, circuits or poor-quality electrical appliances near the antenna causes the electromagnetic environment to change and cause false alarms.
4. Multiple antennas are not synchronized.
5. Equipment failure.