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What are the characteristics of acousto-magnetic anti-theft tags?


In supermarkets, we often see various anti-counterfeiting labels on products. What are the characteristics of this label? The acousto-magnetic anti-theft tag manufacturer will analyze it for you.

1. The electronic anti-counterfeiting label has good confidentiality function: the communication security between the electronic anti-counterfeiting label and the reader adopts the three-time mutual inductance verification technology that meets the ISO9798 international standard to verify each other between the label and the reading and writing device, that is, read The writer must verify the legitimacy of the tag, and the tag must also verify the legitimacy of the reader; the tag must authenticate with the reader three times before data exchange, and all data is encrypted during the communication process to ensure that the card is The data is not illegally modified.

2. Supermarket electronic anti-counterfeiting labels have superior physical functions: the label chip and the built-in antenna are fully enclosed, and they have outstanding anti-environmental functions. It can be made into an ultra-thin plastic film shape, dustproof, waterproof, anti-static, not afraid of twists and turns, and can work normally in the range of minus 40 to 80 degrees Celsius. Retail anti-theft system

3. The electronic label of the clothing anti-theft system has high reliability: there is no mechanical touch between the electronic anti-counterfeiting label and the reader, which avoids various problems caused by touch reading and writing. The electronic anti-counterfeiting label can be used repeatedly (erased and written 100,000 times, unlimited reading).

4. Convenient and convenient operation. Because of the non-touch communication, the operation can be completed instantly, which greatly improves the speed of each use.