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Precautions for the use of acousto-magnetic anti-theft soft tags


Supermarkets will choose to install a supermarket anti-theft system for loss prevention, and choose to stick anti-theft labels according to each store's inventory of stolen goods. There should be most of the acoustic and magnetic anti-theft soft labels. The acoustic and magnetic soft labels are disposable labels. They are cheap and convenient to use, but when using them, pay attention to them. If the soft labels are improperly pasted, they cannot be used normally. Today, I will talk about the precautions for the use of sound-magnetic anti-theft soft tags.

(1) The sound and magnetic anti-theft soft label used in supermarkets should be kept flat on the packaging, and must not be bent or uneven. Curved goods, such as bottled goods, filling goods, and washing products, can also be smoothly pasted on the curved surface, otherwise the anti-theft effect will be greatly reduced.

(2) Do not stick the acoustic and magnetic anti-theft soft labels on the packaging where important instructions are printed, such as ingredients, barcodes, and production dates.

(3) Acoustic and magnetic anti-theft soft tags must not be affixed to items with metal packaging. Its metal magnetism will greatly reduce the frequency of soft tags, so that supermarket anti-theft devices will not alarm, such as canned metal packaging, aluminum Packaging and so on.

(4) The anti-theft soft label can not only be affixed to the outside of the product package but also inside the package. Some high-end crafts can be placed inside the product because of the aesthetics, which is beautiful and has anti-theft effect.

(5) In order to facilitate the demagnetization, the anti-theft soft label should be placed within 5cm of the demagnetizer when it is placed inside the product, so as not to affect the demagnetization of the product.

(6) In order to have a good anti-theft effect, the soft label adopts a very sticky non-opening glue, so it cannot be affixed to paper, leather and other items.

(7) Of course, soft labels must not be placed in food and liquids. Therefore, you must pay attention to classification and management when attaching soft labels. They cannot be placed and pasted at will.