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Working steps and principles of acousto-magnetic anti-theft system


Acousto-magnetic system is a resonance phenomenon generated by the principle of tuning fork, almost zero false alarm operation. When the frequency of the transmitted signal is consistent with the vibration of the acousto-magnetic tag, the acousto-magnetic tag is like a tuning fork, which will cause resonance and generate a resonance signal. When the receiver detects 4-8 continuous resonance signals (the number is adjustable), the receiving system will issue an alarm. The acousto-magnetic anti-theft system has an ultra-wide detection distance. The effective distance of the standard acousto-magnetic system for detecting soft tags is 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters; the effective distance of the enhanced acousto-magnetic system for detecting soft tags is up to 2.0 meters. The following is the working process of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system.

First, all products must be affixed with sound and magnetic soft tags or hard tags; second, they should be decoded or unlocked at the cashier; then, the next checkpoint at the gate is an anti-theft device.

The detection efficiency of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system is extremely high, and there are almost no false alarms. Acousto-magnetic anti-theft technology has made great progress. The installation, use and maintenance of the hostless acousto-magnetic anti-theft system is extremely simple. The anti-theft system with integrated transceiver greatly improves work efficiency and saves space.

Acoustic and magnetic anti-theft system must pay attention to whether the voltage is stable at any time during the use process. Once found to be unstable, the entire voltage stabilizer must be used. Pay attention to whether the door frame or wiring is loose. If the door frame becomes loose, it must be repaired quickly to avoid false positives and false negatives. The power socket of the anti-theft device should be within 2m of the anti-theft device, and PVC or metal sleeves should be used to protect the wire during the pulling process to avoid missing connections.

Acoustic magnetic mark must pay attention to whether the magnetic strip is damaged, otherwise the thief will be unconscious and cause economic loss. In addition, be careful not to put debris on the horn of the anti-theft device during use, so as not to block the horn hole and cause low alarm sound. Always pay attention to the sensitivity of the anti-theft device. If the sensitivity is low, repair it or increase the sensitivity.