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Advantages of electronic anti-theft hard tags


Although the current society is more harmonious and stable, there are still some people who have a bad mind and want to use sneaky means to get something for nothing. These people usually appear in supermarkets and clothing stores in major shopping malls, stealing all kinds of goods. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of anti-theft, some businesses will use electronic anti-theft hard tags. This hard tag has several obvious advantages. Now let the editor analyze the advantages of anti-theft hard tags for everyone, hoping to let everyone know when buying anti-theft hard tags.

    The first point: reuse

    The anti-theft hard tags are made of special materials, which are durable, safe and environmentally friendly. We can install it on clothing, trousers and other clothing products, and we only need to take it off after the customer has paid for it, and recycle it uniformly, which greatly saves the cost of anti-theft.

    The second point: the effect is significant

    The anti-theft hard tag has a stable frequency and good sensitivity. If someone takes the product out without paying, it will trigger the anti-theft door at the exit of the mall to sound an alarm. At this time, it can attract the attention of the staff, so as to achieve the anti-theft effect.