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What are the types of clothing anti-theft labels?


We can often see https://www.synmel.com/on clothing, bags, and shoes in clothing stores. This anti-theft label is a magnetic buckle used for clothing anti-theft. The magnetic buckle is installed on the clothing and must be used at the revenue desk when the customer settles. Remove the lock opener, otherwise the anti-theft device will alarm when you go out, but there are many types of tags used for clothing anti-theft. Today, I will introduce the tags commonly used in clothing anti-theft.

1. Hammer hard label

The most commonly used clothing anti-theft label is the hammer label. There are three types of small hammer, medium hammer, and large hammer. They are mainly different in size. The larger the hammer, the greater the detection distance. The detection distance is 1.6 meters, 2 meters, 2.4 meters, the general store can use a small hammer or a medium hammer, and the effect is very good, the service life is also very long, and it is very durable.

2. Slipper type hard tag

Slipper-type hard tags are the most commonly used hard tags in many chain clothing stores. Their appearance is different from that of hammers. They are shaped like slippers, so they are called slippers-type tags. The difference is the method of unlocking. Slipper tags use manual lock openers or Electronic lock openers can only be opened. Chain clothing stores use this type of label because the labels that can be opened by ordinary lock openers are easily stolen by some people. These thieves can open many anti-theft buckles by buying lock openers online, so large clothing merchants will choose The use of slippers tags will reduce the number of stolen cases. I also remind clothing merchants that even if they use hammer tags, they must use good quality tags, so that ordinary lock openers on the Internet cannot open them.

3. Ink label

Ink label is a relatively uncommon label, just like its name, it has ink in it, and it is not ordinary ink. Once the hard label is forcibly opened, the ink will immediately stick to the clothes. This ink still cannot be washed off. Ink, generally high-end clothing stores will choose this label, but because the price is more expensive than the general label, not many businesses are used, and they are all local tyrants!

4. Soft label

Soft labels are also used in clothing anti-theft to prevent theft, but they are very rare. The soft labels of clothing are mainly wrapped in non-woven fabrics and sewn into the clothes. They often look like ingredient description labels. Most customers generally will not find this. It is a label, so I don’t know its anti-theft function, so it is the least stolen label, but this label must be affixed in the production process, so it is generally used by direct sellers. This kind of label is a one-time label, so the consumption is relatively large, and many businesses are unwilling to use this kind of label.

5. Other types of labels

There are many types and shapes of clothing anti-theft labels, such as wire rope, square, round, rectangular, etc. The rest are uncommon anti-theft hard tags, which are generally sold only when customers require special requirements. Under normal circumstances, we still recommend customers to use conventional hard tags.