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What does the supermarket door alarm work according to?


1. The supermarket door alarm adopts the tuning fork resonance principle, that is, the launching support emits 58KHz low-frequency radio waves. When a tag composed of two special aerospace-used amorphous metal sheets placed in disorder enters the detection area, the detection system will excite the tag Resonance declares the attenuation of the infrasonic signal, at the same time the system transmission stops, and the receiving program starts. After 4 to 8 cycles of receiving, sampling, and detecting that it is a label, the sound and light alarm is announced.

2. Label: The material used to protect the product in the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system is composed of two amorphous metal sheets placed in disorder. After entering the detection area, it resonates with the bias sheet and is reflected to the receiving support.

3. The soft label standard is small, and it is often used for the protection of cosmetics, food and other products. Easy to paste, hidden in the product can not be reused.

4. The hard label has a large volume and is used for the protection of clothing, shoes and hats. It is difficult to damage and reuse, and has a long life. It can only be opened by relying on a nail remover.

5. The cigarette protection box is used for the anti-theft protection of high-end cigarettes. There is a label sensor in the box. It can be opened with a special opening device at the cash register and can be reused.

6. The tape protection box is used to protect CDs, VCDs, DVDs, floppy disks and other products. It can be opened with special equipment at the cash register and can be reused.

7. Wine bottle protective cover is used to protect high-end wine, beverages, and bottled and canned items. It looks like a rope loop and can be stretched freely. It can be opened on a special device at the cashier and can be reused.

8. The nail remover is a special device used to open hard tags. It is generally placed at the cash register and has a gun type and a button type.

9. The support is composed of a transmitting support and a receiving support. It is generally installed at the customer's exit. If the product is not demagnetized, the support will generate an induction and announce an audible and visual alarm.