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Reasons for the popularity of acousto-magnetic anti-theft tags in supermarkets


In many shopping malls and larger shops, you can see the supermarket acousto-magnetic anti-theft tags at the entrance of the store. This device can detect whether people have taken the unpaid audio tape by sensing the magnetic strip on the acousto-magnetic. After this kind of anti-theft device, you can manage the store more conveniently. Next, I will introduce why the supermarket acousto-magnetic anti-theft tags are so popular with merchants.
1. After installing the supermarket acoustic and magnetic anti-theft tags at the entrance of the store, the merchant can reduce the number of employees guarding the acoustic and magnetic and customers, and directly hand over the safety work to the magnetic strip and anti-theft equipment on the acoustic and magnetic. Stores can go to the door to learn about the situation more quickly when the anti-theft device announces an alarm, so that they can do anti-theft work more efficiently, which is beneficial to the management of the entire store.
2. When a store has a supermarket acousto-magnetic anti-theft label, there is no need for employees to always follow the customer after death, so that customers can more relaxed to buy acousto-magnets in the store, and choose their favorite acousto-magnets independently, and then To allow customers to have a better shopping experience, the reason that supermarket acousto-magnetic anti-theft tags can be welcomed by merchants is because they can create an outstanding shopping environment and atmosphere.
3. When people see that the store has installed the acousto-magnetic anti-theft tags in the supermarket, they will naturally not have the idea of "successfully", so that some thieves can eliminate the idea of acousto-magnetic through invisible warnings, because the sensitivity of these anti-theft devices is It is very high, and then the sound-magnetic alarm can be announced when the device is not close to the device. Under such conditions, businesses can also be more assured of the sound-magnetic security. The installation of anti-theft equipment is already the trend of anti-theft in shops.
The above are the three reasons why supermarket acousto-magnetic anti-theft tags are so popular with merchants. It can be seen that acousto-magnetic anti-theft focusing on service quality can provide assistance to merchants in three aspects: anti-theft, store management and shopping environment.