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Clothing theft can enable effective innovation


The update speed of the clothing anti-theft system is also very fast, and it can achieve continuous innovation and update. The overall performance and application are quite powerful. Generally, it uses the anti-theft mode of the acousto-magnetic series. This acousto-magnetic characteristic and dynamic The anti-theft mode is particularly comprehensive and novel. The appearance of the detection instrument is relatively simple and elegant, the appearance is particularly simple, and the protection is more powerful. It has a reasonable protection range and protection mode, and the allowable range is larger.
The anti-interference performance and performance are also relatively strong, and the false noise is smaller. More advanced and unique technologies can be used. This technology includes the unique DSP+FPGA all-digital technology, which is very simple and convenient to use, and the overall performance is applied. Very unique.
    The appearance of the clothing anti-theft detection instrument is unique, and it has a new node circuit use mode, which can comprehensively save power for design, and can also realize technologies and methods such as alternating magnetic field excitation, and can realize independent work and operation mode. The transceiver is integrated, the performance is extremely superior, the dynamic sense is very good, and it can realize the one-shot-one-receive mode of production, and the overall performance is particularly high-end atmosphere. The detection frequency can reach about 58KHZ. The shape and color are like this, and the shape is like a flower basket.