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Why use an independent power supply for the supermarket anti-theft devices?


Many people have seen the supermarket anti-theft device. It is used to prevent the theft of goods in the supermarket. Generally, we will pass it when importing and exporting. Of course, we passers-by may not know much about it, but with it Businesses who deal with it all day need to know more; I believe that many businesses will be forced by the manufacturer's engineer to use an independent power supply for the power supply of the anti-theft device during installation. Many people do not know the reason. Today, I will tell you about the power supply of the anti-theft device in the supermarket. Why do you need an independent power supply, let's take a look together.
Many businesses will set the power supply of the supermarket anti-theft device to the same as the power supply of other electrical appliances when installing the supermarket anti-theft device. This may save a lot of economic expenses in terms of installation and wiring costs, but it will ensure the safety of electricity consumption in the entire supermarket. A landmine was planted. I believe that many businesses who do not use independent power supplies have encountered the situation that the main power supply in the supermarket is burned out and the power supply of the anti-theft device is also burned out. If the anti-theft device and other electrical appliances in the supermarket use the same power supply, when those refrigerators, freezers, When high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners are turned on at the same time, the phenomenon of electrical overload will occur. The load current of the main power supply is too large and cannot withstand such a large current.

Therefore, when installing a supermarket anti-theft device, the power wiring is very important. It must be operated according to the requirements of the engineer. Do not design and install the power wiring by yourself. When installing, pay attention to using an independent power supply. The power box uses a two-pole grounding plug to avoid To interfere with other electrical appliances, the power socket used must be a two-pole grounded socket that meets safety standards. When all the connections have been connected, it is necessary to repeatedly check the installation and the wiring is correct, so that the power can be turned on. When the supermarket anti-theft device is powered on, if any abnormal phenomenon is found, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and then the power supply can be turned on after troubleshooting. Power-on test for about 30 minutes to see if the system is normal and then determine the installation location.

The above is the reason why the power supply of the supermarket anti-theft device uses an independent power supply. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.