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Characteristics and applications of common anti-theft systems


The application of anti-theft systems is becoming more and more common. Today, commodity anti-theft system manufacturers will introduce the characteristics and applications of these common systems.
1. Microwave system
The Microwave System uses microwaves as the detection signal, which is not easily disturbed by the surrounding environment. It can be flexibly and concealed installation (such as concealed under the carpet or suspended from the ceiling), and has the advantages of being suitable for interior decoration and beautiful appearance. However, due to the large scope of Shengying, the products cannot be arranged in a certain area, which will limit the use of space for merchants whose land is precious, so it is suitable for large department stores, music stores and fashion stores with large stores.
2. Radio system
The radio system has soft and hard tags, which can protect most items in the mall. The distance between the two supports is generally not greater than 09 meters, usually used in shopping malls with only one entrance and exit. There are two types of radio systems, vertical and channel, which are used to protect department stores, clothing stores, supermarkets, etc.
3. Electromagnetic wave system
The new generation of channel-type electromagnetic wave system is an electronic anti-theft system controlled by software, using digital processing technology to integrate with degaussing system, cashier monitoring, and CCTV monitoring system. Using the quick degaussing plate, it can be repeatedly degaussed, and the system cost is high. There are two types of electromagnetic wave systems: vertical and channel. The application environment is mostly in libraries, bookstores, audio stores, hotels, supermarkets, etc.
4. Acoustic magnetic anti-theft system
The characteristics of the acousto-magnetic system are high anti-theft detection rate, almost zero false alarms, good anti-interference, and the protected exit width can reach 3.5 meters. It can be demagnetized repeatedly, and the system can still work normally even next to the POS cash register.
Acoustic and magnetic systems include vertical systems, channel systems and concealed systems of different types. There are more than 10 models to choose from. They can be widely used in department stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, audio-visual stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, and can also be used in Office buildings, etc.
5. Frequency division system
The label of the system is light, small in size, cheap in price, stable in performance, high in detection rate, good in anti-interference, and not easy to cause false alarms. There are two types of products: vertical and concealed. It is an ideal anti-theft system for clothing stores.
6. Intelligent electronic anti-theft system
The intelligent system applies unique technology and is an integrated system controlled by an integrated circuit, driven by a battery, and integrated with a hard label and an alarm. When the label is pried or taken out of the mall with the product, the system will automatically issue an alarm.

The system can protect the merchandise in the entire mall without false positives, and the labels can be reused without damaging the merchandise. Used to protect valuables, such as fashion, leather, furs, etc.

The above is the introduction of the characteristics and applications of common anti-theft systems by clothing anti-theft system manufacturers, hoping to help you when purchasing anti-theft equipment.