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Commodity anti-theft is particularly important, anti-theft soft labels highlight the essential advantages


The rapid growth of the retail economy has made a wide variety of products, and the application of anti-theft systems in supermarkets has become increasingly large. The anti-theft consumables that are closely related to it have also become hot and high-selling products. The most important anti-theft magnetic strip (DR label) market in consumables The value also rises accordingly. It is predicted that security tags will become the fastest-growing industry tags in the industry in the next 10 years. With the changes in the size and form of the retail industry, the use of security tags will only increase.


Cameras, monitors, and these monitoring devices are commonplace in life at this stage. However, for some retail stores, electronic goods anti-theft systems will be more effective. Retail products are generally divided into two categories: one is "soft" products, such as clothing, shoes, hats, and knitwear, which are generally protected by hard labels and can be reused; the other is "hard" products, such as cosmetics and food. , Shampoo, etc., using soft label protection, degaussing at the cash register, generally one-time use. The usage rate of soft labels will be higher.

 soft label

Security anti-theft soft label is not only anti-theft, it can also provide a better customer experience for store operations. The use of DR labels and more anti-theft soft labels guarantees the safety of the products on the one hand, and the small specifications on the other hand do not affect the appearance of the goods on the shelves. More products will be available to shoppers on the shelves. Products meet the demand and eventually increase sales. This is why anti-theft is becoming more and more important in the retail economy. Different types of anti-theft labels, especially DR anti-theft soft labels, are more widely used.