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Why is soft label more advantageous than hard label?


In commercial and supermarket applications, why are soft labels more and more widely used than hard labels?


1. Because the production cost of anti-theft soft labels is relatively low, and its operation method is relatively simple, and the equipment required is relatively small, so its price is much cheaper than that of hard labels, and it is not particularly sufficient for many financial strengths. For the store, choosing it is a good choice.

2. As we all know, hard labels can only be installed because they need to be penetrated, but some products cannot be handled in this way. In this case, you can choose soft labels, so everyone sees most products in the supermarket .The labels are affixed to soft labels, and only those in the clothing category choose to use hard labels.

soft label

3. Many people may think that the anti-theft soft label is just an ordinary magnetic stripe. Its anti-theft effect must not be ideal. However, the fact is the opposite. It not only has a good anti-theft effect, but also reduces the probability of false positives and false negatives. It is an anti-theft magnetic strip, which can also be waterproof to a certain extent. Therefore, the anti-theft magnetic strip is widely used in many small goods.

4. The soft label is relatively small and can be attached to the product, which is more accurate and more versatile. The visual safety information and the product packaging are merged together to ensure that consumers can check out more quickly and optimize consumer satisfaction without reducing it. Commodity experience.