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Advantages of anti-theft labels used in anti-theft


People who have visited supermarkets and shopping malls will also find that anti-theft doors are installed outside these shops. Corresponding supermarkets and commodities in shopping malls will also have anti-theft labels, such as soft labels in supermarket products and hard labels in shopping mall clothes. Therefore, anti-theft tags have been widely used in anti-theft products.


First, the classification of anti-theft tags


Generally speaking, there are two types of anti-theft tags, the first is anti-theft soft tags, and the second is anti-theft hard tags. Anti-theft soft labels are very viscous and will not be easily torn off. Anti-theft soft labels are very viscous and will not be easily torn off. The anti-theft effect is quite good.Anti-theft hard tags require something with magnetic force, such as an unlocker, to be able to be disassembled. They cannot be opened with brute force, and the hardness is very strong. It is difficult to destroy them. In addition, the anti-theft hard tags can be recycled again. . Different things in the mall are suitable for different types of anti-theft labels. In fact, whether it is a soft label or a hard label, the ultimate goal is to prevent the loss of goods.

 anti-theft tags

Second, the advantages of anti-theft tags


1. Anti-theft tags are not easy to be damaged: As anti-theft tags that have long been used as a magic weapon for anti-theft, the problem of being vandalized is always considered. On the soft label, it is very difficult to remove the soft label. The soft label is very long, and it is difficult to completely tear it off on the product. Also, as long as there is still a little left, it will be caught by the electromagnetic wave system next to the cash register. Identify to trigger an alarm. On the hard label, due to the principle of the hard core of the hard label, it is impossible to use violent removal. Only the unlocker of the cash register can be removed smoothly, so few people can successfully take the hard label products out of the store.


2. Anti-theft tags give people a warning: when someone wants to steal something in the store, they will not immediately start to see if the goods in the store are equipped with anti-theft tags. Invisibly give a warning.