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Advantages of installing anti-theft devices in shopping malls in anti-theft


Everyone who has visited the mall will always find that the mall will be equipped with a mall anti-theft device, such as the mall anti-theft door at the entrance of the mall, the soft and hard labels on the goods, the degausser (unlocker) on the cashier's hand when paying, you can Said that shopping mall anti-theft devices have become an indispensable anti-theft tool for shopping mall anti-theft, so what advantages does installing shopping mall anti-theft devices have in commodity anti-theft?

 anti-theft device

1. It can effectively prevent theft. The emergence of anti-theft devices in shopping malls has changed the traditional anti-theft method-"person-to-person" and "person-to-good" methods, and protects each product with high-tech means to achieve anti-theft


2. Convenient supermarket management. The anti-theft method using the person-to-eye method not only increases the staff of the supermarket, but also increases the difficulty of the management of the supermarket staff due to the increase of the staff. The installation of shopping mall anti-theft devices can effectively simplify the work of staff and improve work efficiency.



3. Help to improve the shopping atmosphere. The traditional "man-to-man" anti-theft method always makes shoppers feel uncomfortable, depressed, and tense. After installing and using anti-theft devices in shopping malls, this problem can be solved well, creating a pleasant shopping environment for shoppers and thus increasing the sales rate.


4. To deter thieves. Install an anti-theft device at the entrance of the mall. When a thief brings an unpaid merchandise with an anti-theft label to the entrance of the mall, it will trigger an alarm at the entrance of the mall. At this time, the security guard will stop the thief. It can make the thief psychologically deterrent.