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AM Anti theft label paste regulations


AM Anti theft label paste regulations

Item 1, the supervisor of the loss prevention department or the authorized person supervises the coordination department to paste or install.
Item 2. AM Anti theft label pasting position: Paste next to or on the same side of the product barcode or self-encoding. It is strictly forbidden to cover the barcode or self-encoding. Otherwise, it will cause serious consequences of uncollectible payment and increase labor. If the same side cannot be found It can be attached to the back where the label is attached.
Item 3. It is strictly forbidden to affix the label to the corner or deliberately fold and cover the product description.
Item 4. Products with labels are mainly targeted at relatively high prices, and other products are sampled and pasted.
Item 5. When attaching labels, please pay attention to prevent the repeated application of labels to prevent waste.
Item 6. Under the same conditions, put the label on the bottom of the natural placement of the product.
Item 7. Avoid labeling metal packaging. Do not stick the label directly on the metal packaging or the surface less than 2 cm away from the metal surface (such as gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, tin, platinum, tin foil).
Item 8. No staff in the shopping mall shall keep the label without permission or it will be stolen.
Item 9. Require unused labels and discarded labels to be returned to the Loss Prevention Department.
Item 10: Prevent the artificial loss of labels during the pasting process.
Item 11. Don't ask others to help stick labels.

Item 12. A product cannot use multiple soft labels (unless it is an anti theft measure that is intentionally repeated for the product itself).

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