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How should factories and supermarket suppliers meet the anti-theft label requirements of supermarkets?


The anti-theft source labeling plan refers to the cooperation between retailers and product manufacturers.The manufacturer adds the electronic anti-theft label during the production and packaging of the product, and the electronic anti-theft label during the packaging process, which changes the past method of pasting the anti-theft label when it is put on the shelf in the mall. In this way, the anti-theft label can be placed more concealed, which is not easy to be found and destroyed, thereby reducing the loss of goods; moreover, those products that were not suitable for open-sale can be opened for sale due to the protection of the anti-theft label, which improves the customer. The desire to buy, thereby promoting a substantial increase in sales, so that retailers and manufacturers benefit together.

Benefits for retailers

     More open-frame sales are possible, and the risk of loss is reduced

     Reduced the manpower and time for attaching anti-theft labels in the store, and reduced operating costs

     The anti-theft label is more concealed, it is not easy to find damage, and the anti-theft effect is better

     Anti-theft tags can be magnetized and demagnetized repeatedly to ensure smooth returns and improve service quality

Producer benefits

     Provide more open sales conditions for products

     Increase market share and profit due to more products sold

     Increase competitive advantage with similar products

     Smaller packaging reduces production costs

Facts have proved that source labeling brings great benefits in promoting merchandise sales, reducing wear and tear, and reducing labor costs. The retail industry around the world is actively implementing the source labeling program. Source tags can help open-sale merchandise, thereby increasing product exposure. Eventually increase sales and profits. Locking merchandise on the shelf or on the counter will disappoint customers. Reducing customers' impulsive shopping desires prevents the potential for sales to increase. Industry experts agree that using source tags can increase sales.