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Anti theft label decoding regulations


Item 1, any product that has been paid for must be decoded.

Item 2. The decoding operation must be performed on a single product, and the entire product must be in the decoding area.

Item 3, the product must be placed in the anti-theft tag decoding range, the price is scanned, and after reading, the product is passed within the anti-theft decoding range to invalidate the label (height is within 15 cm, referring to the soft label).

Item 4: Switch on and off the device power according to the commuting time.

Item 5. When the decoding equipment does not work normally, it is not allowed to disassemble the machine for maintenance, and the maintenance personnel of the anti-theft equipment should be notified.

Item 6. For the products protected by the hard label, remove the hard label from the product with the decoder removed, put the hard label, and reuse it.