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Regulations and requirements for the handling of police situations caused by anti theft labels


Item 1, first confirm the person and cause of the alarm, and evacuate the onlookers.

Item 2. Ask the staff to maintain a polite attitude towards customers.

Item 3, explain the reasons to customers in time, please understand and cooperate with the work of the mall.

Item 4, if it is caused by an employee or cash register operation error, explain clearly to the customer, decode and process it after obtaining consent, and apologize to the customer. Then record the job number of the person who made the mistake.

Item 5, the staff in the store shall cooperate with various parties to deal with the police situation.

Item 6. Excessive behavior against customers is strictly prohibited. (Including: body search, impolite language, etc.)

Item 7. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to test the anti-theft system without permission.

Item 8. It is strictly forbidden for customers to test the anti-theft system.

Item 9. Remember, except for public security personnel, no one in the mall has the right to conduct searches, strips, etc. on customers (even thieves), nor can they scold customers.

Item 10. If you encounter very few customers who do not cooperate, and you do not have the assistance of public security personnel to find evidence, you should let them leave freely.