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Considering an Hard Tag Merchandise Protection Strategy


When looking to protect their merchandise, retailers can choose from a number of electronic article surveillance (EAS) hard tag options, including in-store applied hard and alarming tags, AM Soft Labels, and and factory-applied hard tags (FAHT)

FAHT differ from in-store applied hard tags and AM Soft Label in several ways, depending on your current EAS strategy. First, it saves the cost of labor by moving the tagging process outside the store. Second, it reduces inventory shrinkage not only in store, but throughout the entire supply chain, when EAS Detection Systems are implemented at distribution centers. Finally, FAHT comes with an ongoing cost (rather than a one-time expense).

Retailers must consider their current shrink rate in terms of dollars and store impact, the cost of tags and product coverage, the store payroll savings, and the existing EAS infrastructure when considering the pros and cons of FAHT implementation.