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Global EAS detection systems Market Report 2020


EAS detection systems are often used along with smart security hard tags, am soft labels ,which are recognized by the detection systems to set off the alarm. They offer various advantages, such as suitability for delicate fabrics, brand enhancement, covert nature, improved product safety, convenient open display of products, cost-effectiveness and improved consumer experience.

Significant growth in the retail sector, along with the widespread adoption of source tagging systems to prevent the incidence of thefts and shoplifting, is one of the key factors creating a positive impact on the market growth. High-security detection systems, such as EAS, are widely used to allow the retailers to identify stolen products and prevent shoplifting to enhance their overall operational efficiency.

In line with this, supermarkets and mass merchandise stores are adopting high-quality security systems to minimize interference and provide their consumers with a smooth shopping experience. Additionally, various technological advancements, such as improvements in the radio frequency (RF) technology and the development of innovative EAS detection systems, are acting as other growth-inducing factors. 

 These advancements offer ultra-wide detection distance, a lower rate of false alarms, strong anti-interference capabilities and high stability. Other factors, including rapid urbanization and increasing investments in the smart security detection  systems, are anticipated to drive the market further.

Looking forward, the global EAS detection systems market to continue its moderate growth during the next five years.