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How Can Clothing Security Tags Help a Retailer


How Can Clothing Security Tags Help a Retailer?

Clothing security tags secure the specific items to your store, so they are not easily stolen. Security tags work in various ways, but all of them involve making it more difficult for a thief to pull something off your store racks and take it without paying for the item first.

A few of the security tags we have available include:

  • Clothing Alarm: Displayed clothing pieces are protected with a hard tag that is wired to the alarm module The customer can pick-up and/or try that garment on but cannot remove it without sales assistance..
  • Coat and Belt Locks: Displays are outfitted with a cabled lock system that requires a key to release the merchandise from the display.
  • Shoe Cables/Security Tags: Shoes are tagged with a security tag that sends Acousto-magnetic frequency to in-store detection systems to prevent unauthorized removal from the store. They also serve the dual purpose of keeping the pair of same size shoes together.
  • Handbag Security Cables & Alarms: Secure purses and handbags to the display rack so they can be pulled down and assessed, but not completely removed without assistance.
  • Security tags for Clothing: Security tags prevent unauthorized removal of an item from the store and help deter theft by signaling alarms on door systems.

If you would like to know more about anti-theft clothing devices or our available line of products, contact synmel today.