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Introduction to the difference between the use of acousto-magnetic soft labels and electromagnetic wave magnetic strips


Acousto-magnetic soft labels have good detection performance and are used to stick on the surface of the product, and will not cover the product information or damage the product packaging. Acousto-magnetic soft tags use non-contact degaussing methods, which are convenient and fast, and can be widely used in various scenes such as supermarkets, drugstores, specialty stores, etc., effectively reducing theft loss, speeding up the checkout process, and improving the shopping experience. What is the difference between the use of acousto-magnetic soft tags and electromagnetic wave magnetic stripe?

     There are mainly several aspects:

     1. Detection distance: acousto-magnetic tags 1.1 to 1.5 meters, electromagnetic wave magnetic strips 0.7 meters to 0.9 meters, because the acousto-magnetic tag detection distance is more suitable for more people than electromagnetic wave magnetic strips and open stores.

    2. Reusable: Acousto-magnetic tags cannot be reused. Electromagnetic wave magnetic strips are divided into reusable and permanent.

     3. Material: The shell material of the acousto-magnetic label is polystyrene, and the electromagnetic wave is divided into cobalt-based and iron-based (the difference is that the first is not rusty, and the other is easy to rust in wet areas)

     4. Frequency: The acousto-magnetic tag has a fixed frequency of 58KHz, while the principle of the magnetic stripe is mainly to cut magnetic field lines without frequency