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How to install supermarket anti-theft device and shopping mall anti-theft device


With the popularity of open-shelf stores, supermarket anti-theft devices have become a standard configuration for store openings. So how do you install supermarket anti-theft devices and where do you need to install them? Here is a brief introduction to a few mandatory locations;

1. The cashier area of the supermarket must be pressed. This is the only passageway for customers to leave the store. Generally, passageway protection is adopted.
2. The supermarket anti-theft device must be used in the non-shopping channel of the supermarket. This is the main channel for non-shopping customers to leave the store.
3. Self-service cashier area. Now many supermarkets have opened self-service cashier channels, which is simple and convenient, reducing the waiting time in line. The self-service cashier area has also become the standard configuration of many supermarkets, and the anti-theft equipment in this location is also essential
4. Supermarket employee channel is the channel for all employees in the store to go to and from get off work. This is also the focus of prevention and control, which is an effective measure to reduce insider theft.
Five, the door of the store toilet
In addition to the above 5 locations, supermarket purchase channels must also be equipped with supermarket anti-theft equipment, as well as fire channels, safety exits and all the entrances and exits that can leave the store directly. If there is anything incomplete, I hope everyone can communicate with each other to better improve the supermarket. The security system of the store reduces the loss of the store.