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Anti-theft labels are short and useful, and are indispensable for commodity retail


Whenever I walk into a supermarket or shopping mall to screen products, I can always see short anti-theft labels attached to them. Almost every product, every supermarket has such a situation, and basically hard labels account for the majority . Why does the retail market always need to ensure the safety of goods? Commodities are the biggest asset and cost of a retail enterprise. The continuous rotation and sales of goods are the basic way to obtain business benefits. Although the current social climate is improving and the quality of people is improving, there will always be so many things in the process of material transfer. Criminals steal to make profits, and the application of anti-theft labels is precisely the solution to this problem.

Anti-theft tags are divided into hard tags and soft tags according to major categories. In supermarkets, retail uses more hard tags. Hard tags are more practical in use. Button pin anti-theft and coil anti-theft hard tags can meet the requirements. For different commodities, when someone has the idea of stealing items, they will consider three points when they see the anti-theft label, invisibly remind people to be wary of benign purchases.

The use of small hammer anti-theft labels is even more dominant. The small hammer anti-theft labels are equipped with button pins or coils. The basic valuables of supermarkets can be used except for food and some vacuum-packed goods. The scope of application is extremely wide, whether it is Clothing, cups, thermos bottles, etc. can be attached well, and will not damage the goods, maintain the value of the product, and the appearance will not be damaged.

Although the anti-theft label is short and makes people feel insecure, the anti-theft effect is excellent. The anti-theft label is very difficult to remove. The hard label is very hard, and it is very difficult to remove it by force. It requires the use of the magnetic buckle of the cash register to remove it, so almost no one can take the item with the magnetic buckle out of the cash register.

In the retail scene, commodities are the main property and the main capital of the company. To ensure its safety, to flow and sell normally, is the key purpose of each company and each shopping guide management, and the anti-theft label is also to satisfy and evade the product. Damage is the primary prerequisite for maintaining the value of goods, so for retail, anti-theft is an indispensable part.