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What should I pay attention to when choosing clothing anti-theft buckles?


Many clothing stores will install commodity anti-theft systems to reduce anti-theft by using clothing anti-theft buttons. If we neglect its quality when purchasing, it will be more than the loss of the product. Therefore, we must be cautious when purchasing anti-theft deductions.

1. Purchase clothing anti-theft buttons through formal channels

Only by looking for a large and powerful factory with regular production can we have quality assurance. Those anti-theft buckles that are of poor quality and too cheap will have poor test results and low sensitivity, which will cause trouble to physical stores and affect normal operations. There are relatively few shops selling anti-theft buckles in the market. If you want to buy them, you can go to a manufacturer that produces anti-theft buckles. It is best to ask the manufacturer to send some samples before buying the anti-theft buckle to test the effect of the anti-theft buckle.

2. Garment anti-theft buckle should be equipped with professional nail remover
The anti-theft buckle must be buckled on the clothes to prevent theft. When the clothing is displayed, the anti-theft buckle must be manually buckled on the clothes. Then, the customer needs to use a professional nail remover at the checkout counter when checking out. Open the anti-theft buckle. After the anti-theft buckle is unlocked at the checkout counter, the clothes can be taken out smoothly.