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How to choose an anti-theft system for a new supermarket


Supermarket merchants found that the goods in the store were frequently stolen, causing a lot of losses to themselves. However, I can't think of a good solution. Here I recommend a supermarket anti-theft system to everyone.
        Supermarket anti-theft system is divided into acoustic and magnetic anti-theft and radio frequency anti-theft. In fact, they all play the same role, they are to prevent the theft of goods. But in terms of effect, acousto-magnetic products will be better than radio frequency products, and the detection rate is higher. In the process of use, the anti-interference ability of Acousto-Magnetic is better than that of RF. Of course, the final price is also higher than Acousto-Magnetic.
        After understanding their differences, merchants can choose between acousto-magnetic equipment and radio frequency equipment according to the situation of the supermarket. If the area of the supermarket is relatively small and the passenger flow is not large, then you can choose to install radio frequency anti-theft devices, and install products with small areas There will also be fewer anti-theft products. However, for supermarkets with large areas, it is better to choose high-quality acoustic and magnetic systems. Large supermarkets have a large number of inspections to avoid frequent repairs caused by the use of radio frequency equipment.