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The difference between anti-theft hard label and soft label


Everyone knows that there are two types of anti-theft tags, namely anti-theft hard tags and anti-theft soft tags. In fact, from the name, we can see that the difference is not small. Let me introduce the difference between these two anti-theft products in detail below.

       One: Features of anti-theft soft label

       Soft label is an anti-theft system composed of anti-theft door, degausser, etc. As long as the soft label is attached to the goods that need anti-theft, it can prevent theft. If someone wants to take the goods with the anti-theft soft label out of the supermarket without payment, the anti-theft door will detect the corresponding signal and sound the alarm when passing through the exit anti-theft door at this time. Therefore, after the customer purchases the goods, the cashier must use a degausser to degauss the soft label. In addition, the soft label is disposable and does not need to be removed from the product.

      2: Features of anti-theft hard tags

      Unlike soft tags, hard tags need to be combined with anti-theft doors and trippers to prevent theft. When using, the hard tag should be buckled on the product, which cannot be removed by hand. When the customer pays, the cashier uses the lock opener to remove the hard tag. Hard tags can be reused, and are usually more popular in clothing stores and luggage stores.