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Two key components of supermarket anti-theft system


Supermarket anti-theft system is mainly composed of two parts, let me introduce this in detail below.

     Part 1: Detection of sensitive anti-theft doors

     The anti-theft door needs to be installed at the exit of the supermarket, because if a thief wants to take the goods out of the door, the anti-theft door will detect the frequency of the anti-theft label on the goods and send out an alarm to remind the security personnel to achieve the anti-theft effect. Reduce the loss of the supermarket.

     Part 2: Appropriate anti-theft labels

     The anti-theft door must be used in conjunction with the anti-theft tag to be effective. If only the anti-theft door is installed, it cannot alarm. Only when the anti-theft door detects the existence of the anti-theft tag, the alarm will be issued. Therefore, when buying anti-theft doors, you must also buy a suitable anti-theft label. Ningbo Xunmei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. produces a complete range of anti-theft labels for everyone to buy.