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Why does the supermarket security door still alarm after payment?


When you visit the supermarket, you will find that most supermarkets have installed supermarket anti-theft doors at the exit, because this can solve the problem of anti-theft of supermarket goods. However, because the performance of supermarket security doors is different, there are occasional episodes.

       The most common incident is that when a customer takes the goods that have already been settled out of the supermarket, it causes an alarm at the anti-theft door. Follow-up staff interrogation and interrogation lead to customer dissatisfaction. When the cashier checked the quantity and amount of the product again, he found that there was no error, so what was the problem?

      The answer is anti-theft labels. Many products in supermarkets are marked with anti-theft labels. The labels are also soft and hard. If the cashier does not remove the hard label, the soft label will be degaussed, and the alarm will definitely be sent when passing through the anti-theft door. .

       Therefore, it is recommended that you first choose a good quality supermarket anti-theft door, but also pay attention to the quality of the anti-theft label and the tripper/degausser. After the cashiers have settled the merchandise, they must double check whether there is an anti-theft label on the merchandise.