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Anti-theft in supermarkets should take precautions


Some supermarket merchants did not have the awareness of anti-theft when they first operated the supermarket, thinking that anti-theft is optional. Just like this, it has brought huge economic losses to the supermarket. Therefore, it is very necessary to install a supermarket anti-theft system. So how to choose these anti-theft systems?

        One: Commodity anti-theft system

       Some small supermarkets have limited budgets, so they pay special attention to the price-performance ratio when choosing an anti-theft system. For example, the radio frequency anti-theft system is a good choice. The system uses radio frequency 8.2MHz radio model detection. As long as the goods with the same frequency appear, they will alarm, so the anti-interference ability is poor.

        2: Acoustic and magnetic anti-theft system

       Acousto-magnetic anti-theft is the most common anti-theft system, which uses 58KHz frequency for anti-theft work. If the product has not been demagnetized, the acousto-magnetic anti-theft tag on the product will trigger a common frequency to cause an alarm when it passes the acousto-magnetic anti-theft door of the exit. Another advantage of this system is that it has strong anti-interference and will not be affected by interference sources such as certain power sources and metals.