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Installation and use of hard tags


First determine the position of the label on the product, pass the matching nail out from the inside of the product, align the hole of the label with the nail, press the label nail with your thumb until all the nails are inserted into the label hole, and you will Hear a "cuckling" sound.
Hard labels are mainly applied to textiles such as clothes and pants, as well as leather bags, shoes and hats, etc.
a. For textile products, as far as possible, the matching nails and holes should be inserted through the stitches of the clothing or button holes and trousers, so that the label is not only eye-catching and does not affect the customer's fitting.
b. For leather goods, the nails should pass through the button hole as much as possible to avoid damage to the leather. For leather goods without button holes, a special rope buckle can be used to put on the ring of the leather goods, and then nail a hard label.
c. For footwear products, the label can be nailed through the button hole. If there is no button hole, you can choose a special hard label.
d. For some specific commodities, such as leather shoes, bottled wine, glasses, etc., you can use special labels or use rope buckles to add hard labels to protect them. Regarding the special label, you can ask us about it.
e. The placement of hard tags on the goods should be consistent, so that the goods are neat and beautiful on the shelf, and it is also convenient for the cashier to take the sign.

Note: The hard label should be placed where the label nail will not damage the product and is convenient for the cashier to find and remove the nail.