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Precautions for Soft Label Adhesion


External adhesion of soft labels

a. It should be affixed to the outside of the product or product packaging, on a smooth and clean surface, while keeping the label straight, pay attention to its appearance, and do not stick the soft label on the product or packaging where important instructions are printed, such as product composition, use Method, warning name, size and barcode, production date, etc.;

b. For products with curved surfaces, such as bottled cosmetics, alcohol, and detergents, soft labels can be directly pasted on the curved surface, but attention should be paid to flatness, and the curvature of the label should not be too large;

c. In order to prevent illegal tearing off of the label, the label adopts a strong sticky self-adhesive. Be careful not to stick it on leather goods, because if the label is forcibly removed, the surface of the goods may be damaged;

d. For products with tin foil or metal, soft labels cannot be directly pasted on them, and a reasonable sticking position can be found with the hand-held detector;

Concealed adhesion of soft labels

In order to better exert the anti-theft effect, the store can place the label in the product or product packaging box according to the characteristics of the product, mainly for the product to be adhered to the unified position in the packaging box when the product is processed in the factory.

Soft label sticking rate

More soft labels should be affixed to goods with more serious losses, and sometimes even re-sticking; for goods with lower losses, soft labels should be affixed less or not. Generally speaking, the rate of soft labeling of goods should be within 30% of the products on the shelves, but the store can dynamically grasp the rate of labeling according to the management situation.