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Suggestions for the use of security tags in supermarkets


As a gathering place for daily necessities, supermarkets sell a wide variety of goods. The following are some suggestions for using supermarket security tags:

1. The main high-value commodities in the supermarket are frequently stolen, such as washing areas, milk powder, razors, batteries, beauty products, tobacco and alcohol areas, chewing gum, chocolates, etc., so high-value commodities are prioritized in anti-theft measures Do a good job of anti-theft.

2. Targeted products should use targeted anti-theft consumables. For example, razors, batteries, and chewing gum are all made of metal. The anti-theft label will not have the effect of anti-theft. At this time, we can use anti-theft protective boxes, so that we can Play a very good protective effect.

3. RF soft label:
1. The radio frequency soft label cannot be folded and bent, it must be demagnetized with a radio frequency demagnetizer.
2. The radio frequency soft label cannot be directly pasted on the article with metal shell or metal packaging, otherwise the metal will shield the label and lose the anti-theft function.

4. Acousto-magnetic soft label:
1. The acousto-magnetic DR cannot be bent, otherwise the chip inside will be deformed and lose its anti-theft function.
2. The acousto-magnetic DR tag will not be affected by shielding by sticking to metal objects.

5. Reasonably allocate anti-theft hard tags and anti-theft soft tags. Although hard tags are more expensive than soft tags, they can be reused. Soft tags are cheaper than hard tags, but they cannot be reused.