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Precautions for installation of anti-theft equipment in supermarkets


If you want supermarket anti-theft equipment to play an ideal anti-theft effect, then it must be installed correctly. In this case, what problems should we pay attention to when installing this equipment? Let's do the installation precautions. Learn more.

First, interference survey

To accurately identify the site of the anti-theft equipment in the supermarket, you must ensure that the related faults can be eliminated in the first time. In order to ensure the maximum effect of your installation, you must conduct related surveys of its on-site interference. This will ensure that your installation location is ideal.

Second, stay away from metal objects

When installing anti-theft equipment in supermarkets, you must be careful not to install its alarms too close to metal doors or other metal objects. Generally speaking, you need to keep a distance of half a meter from the metal door and one meter from the metal object. This way, the probability of false alarms can be reduced.

The third one must be grounded

Some sockets may not have a grounding wire, so the installer must check during installation. If you find that there is no grounding wire, you have to pull a wire over. Why do you want to do this? On the one hand, it can avoid accidents. On the other hand, On the one hand, it can reduce interference and ensure the normal operation of supermarket anti-theft equipment.

The above are the three aspects of anti-theft equipment in supermarkets that must be paid attention to. It is recommended that after installing the equipment, you must do the corresponding test work to ensure that you pass the test before leaving the scene. If an abnormality is found during the test, then, It is necessary to deal with the relevant abnormal situation according to the situation, so as to ensure that the supermarket can use it normally to prevent theft.