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How to choose a good quality sound and magnetic anti-theft label


Acousto-magnetic anti-theft tags are widely used as anti-theft products in supermarkets and retail stores, and their quality directly affects the loss prevention efficiency of shopping malls. At present, there are many kinds of products in the domestic market. How to choose a good quality acousto-magnetic anti-theft label? We think we need to choose from the following three aspects:

1. Reliable alarm performance
As the most important indicator of acousto-magnetic anti-theft tags, the alarm performance mainly depends on the detection distance and frequency of the antenna. Therefore, in the procurement process, products with accurate frequency and good alarm distance should be selected.

2. Good degaussing performance
The typical application scenario of acousto-magnetic anti-theft tags requires the product to ensure good alarm performance before passing through the cashier, and no longer has the alarm ability after being processed by the degaussing equipment. Therefore, when choosing a product, you should choose a product that has good attenuation resistance, that is, it is not easy to demagnetize during storage, but can completely lose its alarm ability after being processed by standard degaussing equipment.

Three, stable quality
Acousto-magnetic anti-theft tags are used in large quantities in the retail process for a long time, so the stability of batch products and the stability of product performance between different batches are particularly important. Therefore, when choosing a partner, priority should be given to a manufacturer with a high degree of production automation, a large quantity of supply, and advanced technology.