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Introduction of Acousto-Magnetic Soft Label


Acousto-magnetic soft labels have good detection performance and are used to stick on the surface of the product, and will not cover the product information or damage the product packaging. Acousto-magnetic soft tags use non-contact degaussing methods, which are convenient and fast, and can be widely used in various scenes such as supermarkets, drugstores, specialty stores, etc., effectively reducing theft loss, speeding up the checkout process, and improving the shopping experience.

     Acousto-magnetic soft tags are resonance phenomena generated by the principle of tuning forks. When the frequency of the transmitted signal (alternating magnetic field) is consistent with the oscillating frequency of the acousto-magnetic tag, the acousto-magnetic tag will cause resonance similar to the tuning fork and generate a resonance signal (alternating magnetic field); When the receiver detects 4-8 consecutive (adjustable) resonance signals (once every 1/50 second), the receiving system will issue an alarm.

     The anti-theft system composed of acousto-magnetic soft tags, decoders, and anti-theft antennas will alarm if the goods pass through the loss-proof door without being demagnetized. After the customer selects the product and pays at the cashier, the cashier will demagnetize the product with the sound and magnetic soft tag. After decoding, the product purchased by the customer can be safely passed through.