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What are the misunderstandings of installing supermarket anti-theft system?


With the rapid development of network big data, the profitability of physical supermarket retail is getting lower and lower. Retailers have begun to control unnecessary and preventable costs in supermarkets, and they have begun to choose supermarket anti-theft equipment to achieve cost control. This is an important issue for retailers. Long-term interests are considered, so today I will tell us about the misunderstandings to be prevented when purchasing a supermarket anti-theft system.

1. The supermarket anti-theft system is only used to catch the thief

The main function of installing a supermarket anti-theft system is to reduce theft and loss, but blindly measuring the effect of the supermarket anti-theft system by how many thieves can be caught and how much loss can be reduced, a misunderstanding will occur. In fact, even the best anti-theft device is not as effective as the deterrent effect, so that the thief is afraid to come, and the loss and trouble in the supermarket will naturally decrease.

2. With the supermarket anti-theft system, my store will not be stolen

Although the supermarket anti-theft system can effectively protect products from being stolen and reduce the loss of supermarkets, it still has certain limitations. There may be abnormal alarms and non-alarms of the anti-theft antenna. Anything will have its shortcomings and lifespan, so it is also Buy a good supermarket anti-theft system as much as possible, and sellers who have problems will repair them in time. However, if it is left unused, the loss is bound to be very large, so reduce theft as much as possible, and use the supermarket anti-theft system coupled with the cooperation of personnel management to reduce the loss to a very low level.

3. The supermarket anti-theft equipment that should be used are all used

Supermarket anti-theft label usage standards, product classification, degaussing operation, alarm processing, etc. are all completed by the staff. If the staff does not operate according to the standard, the supermarket anti-theft system will not be able to exert its good anti-theft effect.

4. The money is spent, and I don’t think it has any significant effect

Retailers have a low return on investment after investing in supermarket anti-theft equipment. Since there are not many situations in which the thief is actually caught, this is actually a long-term investment anti-theft measure. The supermarket anti-theft system really protects against the thief. Only when the thieves are truly afraid will they reduce the incidence of theft.