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Misunderstandings in the use of anti-theft in supermarkets


A good on-site environment can play the best working condition for the supermarket anti-theft system access control. Whether your supermarket is installed or not, the equipment is very easy to use, but after a period of use, insensitivity or false alarms may appear. After our years of experience, 90% The above are all affected by the working environment of the equipment, the following are common misunderstandings;
1. As long as the anti-theft label is attached, the theft can be prevented.
Anti-theft detection door and anti-theft label are indispensable;
2. Any soft label can be affixed.
Anti-theft soft labels should be affixed on a dry and flat surface, and do not bend, as the bending of the label will reduce its sensitivity, and it is basically invalid if it exceeds 15 degrees;
3. The anti-theft device is basically installed without human management;
According to factors such as magnetic field voltage and other factors, wireless detection equipment is necessary for daily inspections. If it is found to be insensitive or too sensitive, the sensitivity should be fine-tuned to ensure the best condition.
4. Any additional electrical equipment around the anti-theft device;
Do not place any electrical appliances or motors that can generate magnetic fields within 1.5 around the anti-theft device.
5. To add atmosphere during the festival, put colorful lights on the anti-theft device;
6. The anti-theft access control of supermarket is used outdoors;