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Why can the clothing store anti-theft device and clothing anti-theft label realize the alarm?


Clothing anti-theft devices are generally installed at the entrances and exits of stores. The role of the clothing anti-theft device is that when someone carries unpaid clothing through the entrance and exit of the clothing store, the clothing anti-theft device will trigger an audible and visual alarm to prevent the clothing store from being lost. Then the clothing anti-theft device manufacturer will analyze how the clothing label is combined with the clothing anti-theft device to achieve the anti-theft effect.
The goods in clothing stores are generally clothes, shoes, hats and the like, so clothing stores generally buy anti-theft buttons, all made of ABS. There is a sensor chip inside the anti-theft button, and the sensor chip has a frequency, which can be sensed by the signal sent by the anti-theft device of the clothing store, and then the anti-theft device of the clothing store senses this signal. The sound and light alarm can intuitively and timely notify the clothing store salesperson to check the abnormal situation. So as to achieve the effect of anti-theft. There are generally two types of anti-theft devices used with clothing anti-theft buckles. One is radio frequency anti-theft devices, which are relatively cheap but have poor anti-metal and interference capabilities. The other is AM acoustic and magnetic anti-theft devices, which are slightly higher in price than radio frequency. But the performance is better, the anti-interference ability is strong, the stability is good, the detection rate is high, and the distance is relatively long. Most businesses will choose to buy a sound and magnetic anti-theft device, each business can choose to buy a suitable clothing anti-theft device according to their own needs.