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Reasons for buying acousto-magnetic anti-theft devices in supermarkets


There are many options for supermarket anti-theft alarms, which can be roughly divided into two types: acousto-magnetic alarms and radio frequency alarms. Among the two types, we generally recommend that you buy an acousto-magnetic supermarket anti-theft device, because the acousto-magnetic anti-theft device has been greatly improved compared with the traditional radio frequency, and its effect is much better than that of the radio frequency. The advantages of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system are as follows:
1. The anti-theft performance is stable, and the detection distance is widened. Compared with the radio frequency anti-theft system, the acousto-magnetic anti-theft antenna has high sensitivity and the detection rate is as high as 98%, with almost no false alarms. Special anti-power interference design, pulsed radio waves and alternating magnetic field excitation make the overall performance stable. The acousto-magnetic system not only has better anti-theft performance, but also has a more beautiful installation distance.
2. Strong anti-interference ability, reducing false alarm rate. There are often many electrical appliances and books in supermarkets. Radio frequency systems usually suffer from these interferences. Electromagnetic waves will be unstable and cause false alarms. Imagine that if the false alarm of the supermarket anti-theft alarm occurs after the customer purchases the goods, it will bring negative psychological reactions to the customer and affect the supermarket shopping experience. However, the low-interference sound and magnetic anti-theft system can reduce the embarrassment caused by false alarms of anti-theft devices, avoid customers from having a bad shopping experience during the shopping process, and increase customers' trust and goodwill in the store.
3. The design is beautiful and elegant, and the grade is improved. Acoustic and magnetic anti-theft devices have been greatly improved in appearance. Aluminum and iron materials are no longer used. Instead, ABS high-strength plastics and stainless steel materials are used. There are also higher acrylic transparent plates, which are used in high-end supermarkets and clothing. Very classy. The high-end acrylic acoustic and magnetic anti-theft system is beautiful and well-made, which not only prevents theft, but also improves the store level. High-end anti-theft equipment generally protects high-end products from theft.
What are the specific advantages of the above-mentioned supermarket acousto-magnetic anti-theft alarm? I believe everyone will have a certain understanding after reading it!