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What should I do if the acousto-magnetic security door keeps ringing


After the first stage of application, due to the lack of ordinary maintenance and maintenance, coupled with long-term interference or influence in the surrounding area, the sound and magnetic anti-theft door will always sound an alarm. When encountering a problem, we first analyze the cause and then look for a treatment plan, find the cause and then prescribe the right medicine. The acousto-magnetic anti-theft door is always ringing for the following reasons:

1. Environmental noise interference on the job site

2. The sensitivity of the anti-theft door is too low or too high.

3. Poor and loose connection of terminal head wiring

4.eas anti-theft motherboard is aging or damaged

If the above problems cause the sound and magnetic security door to keep ringing, then we will adopt the following appropriate methods to deal with the above reasons:

1. Check the technical equipment and whether there are high-power electronic appliances or motors, large-area stainless steel products and other metal guardrails, lamp rectifiers and superchargers, defective information communication lines, power distribution boxes, and high voltage within 1.5 meters. If you need to take it off or close it, check your clothes. The safety door manufacturer has been ringing.

2. The noise intensity reduces the sensitivity, and the increased sensitivity of the anti-theft label cannot be detected. Environmental noise interferes with invisible electromagnetic fields and should be adjusted according to the on-site environmental maintenance. Low sensitivity: VR4 can be adjusted clockwise until the LED detection indicator is basically stable, not bright or only one light is slightly glowing.. High sensitivity: VR4 can be adjusted counterclockwise until the LED detection indicator is basically stable, not bright or only one The lamp shone slightly.

3. The end of the buzzer lug is individually connected to the input port to receive the power board. Please pay attention to the positive and negative directions. For example, the alarm buzzer indicates the failure of the main board buzzer port; if the buzzer does not remind you, it means that the buzzer is damaged and can be replaced.

4. The anti-theft motherboard is replaced every 3 to 5 years. The aging problem of electronic system components can only be solved by contacting the manufacturer for after-sales service.