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Advantages of acousto-magnetic anti-theft equipment


At present, there are two main types of anti-theft devices used in stores, 8.2MHZ radio frequency anti-theft devices and 58KHZ sound and magnetic anti-theft devices. What are the characteristics and differences between these two devices?
To put it simply, the two devices are only different in frequency, one is high frequency and the other is low frequency, but there is a big difference in usage.
The main points are as follows:
1. Radio frequency equipment is particularly susceptible to interference from large-area metals, led lights, high-power electrical appliances, active speakers, etc., resulting in false alarms or inflexible responses.
2. In terms of the detection interval, the normal effective maintenance interval for radio frequency equipment using soft tags is 80 cm, while the acousto-magnetic equipment can detect 1.2-1.6 meters, the detection interval of the magnetic button of the radio frequency anti-theft equipment is 1.2-1.8 meters, and the acousto-magnetic anti-theft equipment can be maintained. 1.5-2.6 meters, more suitable for wide passage maintenance.
3. In the same store, radio frequency equipment needs to be wired and synchronized to connect the equipment, while the acousto-magnetic anti-theft equipment is synchronized wirelessly by the power grid, and the installation is relatively simple.
4. Compared with supermarkets or small commodity stores, acousto-magnetic anti-theft devices can maintain more products, such as toothpaste or chocolate and other tin foil packaging materials, acousto-magnetic anti-theft devices can also play a good role in maintenance, and radio frequency anti-theft tags also Will be blocked.