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Purchasing requirements of degaussing equipment for sound and magnetic anti-theft system


Acoustic and magnetic anti-theft system degaussing equipment is mainly used to disable anti-theft soft tags during cashier operations in various shopping malls to prevent customers from triggering an alarm when the anti-theft tags pass through the acoustic and magnetic anti-theft detection system, causing customers to misunderstand. However, how should we evaluate the performance and effect of degaussing equipment so that businesses can make correct judgments when purchasing degaussing equipment?
One, need to know the key technical indicators of degaussing equipment
1. Degaussing ruler
One of the key indicators to measure the degaussing equipment of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system is the effective degaussing scale of the degaussing device, which is usually expressed as the large and reliable degaussing interval between the acousto-magnetic soft tag and the surface of the degaussing device. From the point of view of effectiveness and convenience, the degaussing scale should cover the entire working surface of the degaussing equipment and consider all directions of the soft label. The demagnetization interval of soft labels is generally not less than 10 cm.
Some degaussing equipment, according to the degaussing reminder signal issued by them, the degaussing interval is relatively large. However, the acousto-magnetic soft label has not been completely demagnetized and is still effective. It is necessary to perform the second degaussing at a height closer to the degaussing equipment. Therefore, when evaluating the degaussing scale of the degaussing equipment of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system, it is necessary to pay attention to the reliable degaussing scale, and should not be confused by the so-called large degaussing height.
2. Degaussing speed
is usually measured by the number of reliable degaussing per minute. The degaussing speed is an indicator to check the length of time that the degaussing device continues to be fully charged and fully discharged. It determines the continuous degaussing ability of the degaussing equipment of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system. The slow degaussing speed affects the work efficiency of the cashier. Some degaussing machines seem to be fast, but the degaussing is unreliable and requires repeated degaussing, which actually affects the work efficiency of the cashier.
2. It is necessary to understand the basic degaussing function of the degaussing equipment of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system. What value-added features can help businesses prevent theft?
The more important value-added function of the degaussing equipment of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system is the "anti-theft function". The degaussing equipment has the characteristics of integrated linkage with the mainstream barcode laser scanner in the market. In normal cashier operations, cashiers usually need to ensure that the laser scanner scans the barcode of the product correctly and demagnetizes the anti-theft soft label at the same time or later. Some cashiers and cheating employees often use direct demagnetization instead of scanning product barcodes to kill anti-theft soft tags to steal products.
Degaussing equipment with anti-theft function will only start to degauss after receiving the degaussing trigger signal from the barcode laser scanner. Any cashier who attempts to degauss the anti-theft system by "skip scanning" the product barcode will not succeed.
This function has a very effective anti-theft and anti-loss effect to reduce the collusion of employees inside and outside the store to steal products.
Third, we need to understand green degaussing equipment.
Any electronic product has electromagnetic radiation, and the electromagnetic radiation of degausser is even greater. Beyond a certain interval, the radiation is within a safe range. In order to reduce electromagnetic radiation as much as possible, the "green" use of degaussing equipment is often ignored by most companies.
The degaussing device of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system with "anti-theft" function will only start the degaussing action and generate electromagnetic radiation when the product is correctly scanned and the acousto-magnetic anti-theft tag is within the detection range of the degaussing device. In addition, the degaussing device is in a "sleep" state with low energy consumption. Therefore, the degaussing equipment of the acoustic and magnetic anti-theft system with this function is green and environmentally friendly.