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Common faults in acoustic and magnetic anti-theft doors


As large shopping malls and supermarket chains are booming around the world, the theft of products has become increasingly serious, causing many losses to merchants. With the improvement of anti-theft technology, more and more supermarkets widely use EAS anti-theft system, which effectively prevents the loss of products. So, as a more useful EAS anti-theft system method-how should the sound and magnetic anti-theft door be installed and used? How to solve the problem of acoustic and magnetic anti-theft door in use? The following editor will give us a specific introduction.

1. If the acousto-magnetic anti-theft door does not alarm, you should first check whether the power is turned on and whether the plug has fallen; whether the anti-theft tag will cause an alarm when it passes through the acousto-magnetic anti-theft door. You can use the anti-theft tag to check the acousto-magnetic anti-theft door; Acoustic and magnetic anti-theft doors are easily disturbed by metal objects. Check whether there are metal objects around the acoustic and magnetic anti-theft doors.

2. Acoustic-magnetic anti-theft door is falsely reported. The acoustic-magnetic anti-theft door is a proprietary power line. No other electrical equipment is allowed on the wire line; no electrical equipment can be used within two meters of the acoustic-magnetic anti-theft door, otherwise it will Affect the alarm function; there can be no coiled coil within ten meters, the coil will generate a certain magnetic field and then affect the alarm; the cash register must maintain a certain interval with the acousto-magnetic anti-theft door; the acousto-magnetic anti-theft door cooperates with the anti-theft tag to alarm, and check if a false alarm occurs Are there any anti-theft labels around; the anti-theft labels must be kept at a certain distance from the decoder, and the anti-theft labels are better stored in a metal box.

3. The decoder does not decode, check whether the power is on; check whether the decoder under the cashier is connected to the decoder board, if there is a crack, turn off the power and connect again.