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How to unlock clothing anti-theft buckle


When we go to a clothing store to buy clothes, we will notice that there are plastic buttons of various shapes on the clothes, and these plastic buttons do not look like decorations. We have all seen that when the payment is completed, the cashier will help We take this plastic button off, so what's the meaning of it? In fact, this plastic button is used to prevent theft. It is called a clothing anti-theft buckle. With the anti-theft device at the entrance of the clothing store, it can achieve the purpose of preventing theft of the goods in the store. I am indifferent, so how to unlock the clothing anti-theft buckle? The following editor will introduce to you.
To open the clothing anti-theft buckle, we need a tool-the anti-theft deduction buckle. Before learning to use this tool, we must first the working principle of the anti-theft deduction. Compared with everyone, the working principle of the clothing anti-theft buckle is very clear. It uses magnetism. According to the principle of induction, the anti-theft device at the door of a clothing store generally consists of a transmitting antenna and a receiving antenna. A signal scanning area is formed between the two antennas. When the clothing product with the anti-theft buckle passes through this signal scanning area, it will be magnetic. The anti-theft buckle will resonate with the signal area to generate current, and then trigger an alarm. The clothing anti-theft button and release device also operates in reverse according to this principle.
The main components of the anti-theft buckle are steel needles, lock cores and plastic shells. The lock core is more important. There are balls in the lock core, which is the cone-shaped principle. The closer the balls slide to the top of the cone, the steel balls are affected by the spring. The thrust is normally closed, and when the steel needle is inserted, the steel ball is tightly buckled in the gap of the steel needle, and the needle in the middle is buckled to death. This is why we can't pull the needle core directly, the more we pull it, the closer it gets. The tripper is actually a super strong magnet. When it is placed on the magnetic buckle, the magnet sucks the three steel balls in the lock cylinder that hold the steel needle away from the steel needle, and the steel needle can be smoothly removed from the magnetic buckle. Pull out. At this time, the anti-theft buckle is opened and can be removed from the clothes.