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Can anti-theft labels be universal?


Some people don't know anything about security products, and some people have already used anti-theft labels. Are anti-theft labels universal?
Anti-theft labels are mostly consumables, especially soft labels. In the initial stage of installation, the corresponding tags will be equipped. As the business gets better, the consumption of anti-theft tags will increase. It is also necessary to purchase a new batch of labels. Are the labels of different manufacturers compatible and are they universal? Before answering this question, you need to understand clearly what kind of equipment the store is currently using. Because the anti-theft system is divided into: electromagnetic wave anti-theft, acousto-magnetic anti-theft and radio frequency anti-theft. The label corresponding to each system is different. After clarifying the system, consider whether the labels of different manufacturers are common. In fact, I basically figured out the labels corresponding to the system, and the labels of each family are basically common. But the products produced by different manufacturers are always different. This is why many customers think that each product has a different experience after constantly trying it out. The detection distance of the anti-theft device corresponding to a better quality tag is also wider. If the detection distance of the anti-theft device installed in the store is relatively wide, and a bad anti-theft tag is replaced at one time, the anti-theft device will have a detection blind zone and may not be recognized.
Of course, a good company and a good product are different. Good quality anti-theft labels can be effectively detected no matter what kind of equipment they are used with. Moreover, cheap products will not only have detection blind spots in matching with the equipment, but the quality of their own products cannot withstand scrutiny. After all, a good product has its excellent quality.